We ship nationwide within 0-5 days of accepting orders. In the case an item is Out of Stock and you want to order the item, shipping time frame can vary up to 2 -4 weeks from the date of order. Shipping time will depend on the type of shipping selected and location of delivery. 

All custom orders are processed with separate delivery times as agreed on custom order contract.


We delivery within 24 hours of accepting orders. We only deliver during the selected time frame to the address listed on the order. We only deliver to verified residential and business addresses. We only deliver to the name listed on the order unless otherwise specified by the purchaser. Delivery can be cancelled at the discretion of ownership.

We deliver to the following zip codes:

Tallahassee: 32301, 32302, 32303, 32304, 32305,32306, 32307, 32308, 32309, 32310, 32311, 32312, 32313, 32314, 32316, 32317, 32395, 3239

Quincy: 32351, 32353

Havana: 32333